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Bring you the very natural taste of wild-caught seafood

Who are we?

We are the expert in the shellfish processing field. We provide you with the sushi grade frozen shellfish product, our main focus is frozen cooked crab meat and frozen raw whelk meat, these products are ready-to-eat after thawing. 

Our Production

Yantai Changsheng's processing plant locates in Yantai Shandong Province. There are three seperated workshops, two of those three workshops are designated for Whelk meat and Crab meat processing. The other one is used for miscellaneous products such as squid, clam and shrimp. Our very experienced production team always strive to deliver product not just in time but also to exceed customer's expectation.


Our Quality Control

As a manufacturer, quality is one of most important aspect we have to offer to our customer. Our product quality is highly recognized by our international customers. 

Our quality control team works very hard to ensure every aspects of our daily production activities are in compliance with our company's HACCP guidelines. 

Our crab plant is not only EU registered but also BRC certificated, this proves how good our QC staff do their jobs.

Our Cold Storage Facility

Yantai Changsheng has 9 cold store rooms with total storage capacity at approx. 3,000 MT. 

Our cold store temperature are always kept between-28C and -24C. This guarantees both our raw material and finished products are kept in their best conditions, dehydration is very unlikely to happen over the time.

Raw materials and finished products are stored in separate cold store rooms to avoid contamination.

Our procurement

To provide the best quality product, we have to make sure we use the top quality raw material. 

During the catch season, our technicians always go to the supplier's plants to inspect the raw materials and monitor the processing procedures. Have any issues or concerns arise, our experienced procurement team will be able to point out to the supplier on the site and work together with the supplier to get the issue or concern resolved promptly.

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