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Bring you the very natural taste of wild-caught seafood

Production Profile

At Yantai Changsheng's processing sites in Yantai China, we produce several hundred tons of crab meat and whelk meat each year, 99% of the product are exported to Asia, Europe and US. 

We have three production workshops with the total floor area around 3,000 sqm, each one of them is installed with fully sealed central air conditioning system which keeps the temperature controlled around 17 degree celsius year round.  The ozone generators are installed for air sterilization at each workshop. We have 3 tunnel freezers to allow the quick freeze of our product.

Each workshops have been designed to allow the safety flow of the raw material/finished product in a manner that the cross contamination is strictly under controlled. 

The production area, staff clothes changing area and storage area

inside each workshop are all well separated in compliance with the

requirements from our HACCP system.

We employ about 160 highly skilled processing workers with can-do
professional attitude all-year round. They are treated fairly at the work

place and get paid well over government's minimum wage standard in the field. 

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